Introducing Photo Kitty

Who is HD PK?

That's me!

Hello there! I’m Heather, also known as Photo Kitty! Nice to meet ya! :3

No, not Hello Kitty; she has nothing on me!  I’m everyone’s favorite kitty cat.  Sure she can say hello, but can she take your photo?  No she can’t!  As a member of Collective Efforts Photo Team, people always know me as the girl with the cat ears!  I may be hard to find on the dance floor because of my size, but when you see little black cat ears bouncing around in front of you then you’ve found me!  I’m never without my precious little ears or my trusty trusty camera at events, so next time your at a Collective Effort event, make sure to look for the short kitty cat with the camera to take your photo!


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Baii-baii for meow,


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