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16, March 2011

Beats by Dr. Dre

“People aren’t hearing all the music.”
– Dr. Dre

“The music you listen to in your headphones should capture all the sonic details the artist wanted you to hear. But normal headphones can’t deliver the rich, full sound in today’s digital audio tracks, especially not smaller, lightweight headphones. But Solos high performance headphones, which are designed for today’s active lifestyles, deliver sound so real, you’ll be amazed it’s all coming from something so compact and portable.”

I’ve been blessed by these headphones.  Music is beyond essential, its my life, and these headphones are able to sooth my ears with their rich quality.  Even the heaviest metal sounds elegant on them.  After using these high performance headphones, there’s no going back to regular ol’ headphones.  A few days ago, on my way to school, I left my Dre Beats in my apartment; leaving me to resort to the headphones Apple gives you with your iPod.  Wow, can you say crap?! I swear, the quality of the Apple headphones could not compare to my Solo Beats; the sound quality wasn’t even an eighth as good as Dr. Dre’s astonishing sound quality.  As a musician, I like to hear every little itty-bitty piece that you normally can’t hear.  As a former concert line performer in high school, I like to listen to my orchestra/classical music every once in a while.  On Apple headphones, you hear the main sections, or whoever is playing the loudest, on Dre Beats, you can hear everything! Flutes are not the loudest of instruments, especially when in comes to the part in the song where everyone in the orchestra plays, you can’t normally hear them because of the overpowering brass instruments; but I can.  Those are the things you don’t normally hear or maybe miss when listening on Apple headphones and that’s why I love Dre Beats, because you can hear every little detail that you didn’t even know was there.