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28, February 2011

Neons: Take 3


If you haven’t heard already, the company that brought you Neons & Nonsense and Neons: Take 2, NiiTES, did it again! Neons: Three is gonna be BIGGER than ever! If you didn’t know, Neons 3 will be held at the Madonna Inn Expo Center, the largest indoor venue on the Central Coast with a capacity of 2,600 people! So if you missed out or had friends that missed out last time, you don’t want to miss this! There’s room for everyone! This event is not just for the San Luis Obispo County, wherever you’re from, NiiTES wants you there!

This is an all day event on Saturday, April 2 at 12:00pm – April 3 at 1:00am! Some of SLO’s favorite local DJ’s and some other talented folks out of this town will be spinning the day away.  With the crowd size and stacked DJ line up, this will be SLO’s first taste of a Mini-Massive!

And who can argue about those ticket prices?! Tickets are only $15 if you buy them in person from NiiTES’ lovely promoters and sponsors; they’re basically giving you a $5 discount from our online price of $20 (Click here to buy online)! Plus, you don’t want to wait till the last minute to buy because tickets will raise in price and be $25 at the door.


Blake Miller (Hollywood)
Nick G (SF) Ghetto House Radio
Josser (SF) Ghetto House Radio
Kevin Dayspring (SLO)
Hi Tem (SLO)
Professors (SLO)
Audiobit (SLO)


11, February 2011

A Look Back at Neons: Take 2 Poster Art

A Look Back at Neons: Take 2
Poster Art

A few weeks ago, back in January, some of you 1,000+ SLO residents (and non-residents) experienced the biggest electro event in SLO, Neons: Take 2. This event was put on by NiiTES, a local full service events and entertainment company.  But while you were there did you happen to take a look at the poster art? As a NiiTES employee, we did our best to make the Graduate look and feel like the description of the theme, neon.  So, while all of you were out shopping and getting ready for this wondrous event, some of us NiiTES employees got together to make some of  those colorful, bizarre posters! We ended up making quite a handful of posters, but here’s a few that may have caught your eye while you were rockin’ out on the dance floor!

Click here for posters: Neons: Take 2 Poster Art


Stay tuned for my video footage from Neons: Take 2!