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25, August 2011

A Look back at CON10UUM

And the winner is…

The wait is finally over!  Earlier today, Collective Effort Events announced the winners of CON10UUM which took place last Saturday at the Graduate.  Based on the crowd’s votes, rather than the sea of roars coming from the Grad, the winning couple of Collective Efforts CON10UUM Prom goes to Audiobit and Philthy Rich (Just kidding about the whole prom thing)!

When I heard of the big news I jumped for joy!  My bes fran, Richard Hooligan Grant, (what-a-hooligan) had won!  I remember the night of CON10UUM, my head was bobbin’ and tail waggin’ (if I had one) all night to Philthy Rich’s set.  The most memorable part of his set was when Linus and Lucy  came on (Which comes on at 25:25 in his downloadable set).  For some reason when I heard it, I thought it was Clifford the Big Red Dog at first, silly me.  I stopped mid-photo and said, “Ahhww Yeahh.” A set to remember it was, and so far the only set I can recall from any of my past events I have attended.  Although every DJ that night had blown my ears off, no one left an impact as great as Philthy Rich.  If you are still having CON10UUM shivers or withdrawals like me, be sure to download Philthy Rich’s set and relive the night again!  You can download his set here!

I take the time now to congratulate Audiobit and Philthy Rich on their winnings.  Audiobit has won the opening slot for Laidback Luke | Zeds Dead | SLO in October and as for Philthy Rich…TBA!

Downloadable sets from CON10UUM:

Philthy Rich



Be sure to check out ArtBecameCulture‘s video if you missed out on CON10UUM!

24, May 2011

Porter Robinson & Peace Treaty | SLO

This past Saturday, Collective Effort Events hosted their first annual White Party at the Graduate in San Luis Obispo.  The line up consisted of local DJ’s, Faux Real and DevRun, as well as everyone’s favorite 18-year-old, Porter Robinson, and my personal favorite, Peace Treaty.  I was happy to hear that Peace Treaty would be coming back to tear up SLOtown and of course they didn’t disappoint!

The night started off with an opening set by Faux Real.  Personally I always feel the first 15 minutes of an event are always awkward because no one wants to be the first one to dance.  But as I entered the Grad, Faux Real was busting out sick beats that had everyone pumped up and dancing! With the night set off to a good start, DevRun was ready to take over control (lol if you get that was a song reference).  A well known local, DevRun had the crowd stoked and heads bangin’ when he dropped his DubStep version of Cee Lo Green’s hit single “Fuck You.” A thing I love about our local DJ’s is they always leave us wanting to hear more!

While the ocean of white tee’s danced the night away it was time for Peace Treaty and Porter Robinson.  The crowd was raging with every inch of the dance floor covered! The psychedelic lights and gnarly beats that dropped rung in our heads, making us only want to hear more.  Fists were pumping, feet were shuffling, heads were banging, no one wanted this night to end!  Peace Treaty knew how to please our town and boy did they deliver!  As for Porter Robinson, you stole the hearts of many college girls, and some guys too, who can’t wait to see you again in June for our Skrillex Show!

If you missed out on this event, check out Collective Effort Events website at: and be sure to come to our next show!  And if you went to the event, don’t forget to check out the Collective Effort Events facebook page at: to see if myself, or one of our other lovely photographers got a picture of you!

My photos from this event are located on Collective Effort Events facebook here, as well as the original photos located here! Be sure to check them out and like Collective Effort Events on facebook!

Here’s a picture of Porter Robinson and I at the show!

8, February 2011



Last Thursday,  Collective Effort brought a non-stop dance party to San Luis Obispo’s Native Lounge with two of the hottest producers in electronic music today, LA RIOTS & Peace Treaty.  Our local DJ group, the Professors (pictured above) started off the night with sick drops and gnarly beats to pop, lock and drop to.  Following the Professors, another local DJ, Audiobit, got the crowd wild and raging hard just in time for Peace Treaty’s set. Peace Treaty & LA RIOTS tore off our ears with their electro bangers as we danced the night away.  If you missed out on this epic night, be sure to check out Collective Effort for more electro events to follow!

I have moved the photos from this event to my photobucket, check them out here: